Oculus said to plan Santa Cruz VR for Q1 2019, Go phone viewer soon

Oculus said to plan Santa Cruz VR for Q1 2019, Go phone viewer soon

A duo of reports these days propose that Oculus is set to have a interesting September: Its standalone Santa Cruz VR headset is predicted to ultimately get a launch date — and a few Rift ports — at the same time as its entry-stage cross headset will quickly advantage the ability to proportion its visuals with smartphones.

multiple unbiased sources have showed to UploadVR that Oculus is now focused on the first region of 2019 for the release of Santa Cruz, an all-in-one VR headset that contains its own computing and tracking hardware. probably to be renamed earlier than launch, Santa Cruz has been in development for years, and features 6-degree-of-freedom head tracking, included cameras, and dual controllers as enhancements to the simpler $two hundred Oculus go.

Santa Cruz is expected to work interior and outdoors, like Lenovo’s Mirage Solo, but its charge tag remains a question mark. Mirage Solo sells for $four hundred, and a pc-dependent Oculus Rift package deal with the headset, two touch controllers, and marvel Powers United can presently be had for $399, down from the Rift’s starting price of $599. HTC’s standalone Vive focus sells for around $600 in China.

Intriguingly, the record additionally claims that Oculus is operating to port Rift video games to Santa Cruz, a assignment that’s sure to be challenged via the standalone headset’s loss of a effective laptop. Santa Cruz will depend upon a Qualcomm cell processor, which even though absolutely more effective than the one internal Oculus cross will still fall well quick of current computer performance.

UploadVR also reviews that the Oculus cross will soon advantage the capacity to flow content to a telephone, enabling a 2d man or woman to peer what the VR wearer is seeing. The “nearby viewing” feature will enable an skilled consumer to guide a newbie without having a 2nd pass headset.

through Twitter, Oculus CTO John Carmack confirmed that neighborhood viewing is running, however said that it’s still “numerous weeks” faraway from becoming available to head owners. Assuming that there’s no delay in approving the update for pass’s telephone partner apps, each the Santa Cruz and pass announcements ought to emerge as authentic at the Oculus join 5 convention, scheduled for September 26-27 in San Jose, California.

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