Nvidia advances the deep learning ecosystem at GTC 2018

Nvidia advances the deep learning ecosystem at GTC 2018

Above: Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia at GPUTech 2016
Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

in lots of ways, Nvidia is the beneficiary of getting been inside the proper vicinity on the right time with reference to AI. A confluence of advances in compute, facts, and algorithms led to explosive hobby in deep neural networks, and our present day technique to training these relies upon pretty heavily on mathematical operations that Nvidia’s image cards befell to be honestly efficient at.

That’s no longer to say that Nvidia hasn’t achieved extremely properly as soon as the opportunity presented itself. To its credit, the agency recognized the fashion early and invested heavily earlier than it surely made feel to do so, beating the “innovator’s catch 22 situation” that’s caused many a extremely good (or formerly fantastic) employer to miss out.

multiple weeks in the past, I attended Nvidia’s GPU technology convention (GTC) 2018 and got here away with a few mind.  regions where Nvidia has truly excelled have been in growing software program and ecosystems that take gain of its hardware and tailoring it deeply to the exceptional domains in which customers observe it. This become evidenced in full at GTC 2018, with the organization rolling out some of interesting new hardware, software, application, and environment bulletins for its deep getting to know clients.

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