PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the maximum-downloaded iOS app in forty eight countries

Above: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Android.
Image Credit: Tencent

The war royale style took over cell ultimate week with the release of Fortnite, however now it’s PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds flip to shine. Tencent video games’ port of the computer megahit launched in regions global on iOS and Android on March 19, and it is now the No. 1 maximum downloaded iOS app in 48 international locationsin line with App keep intelligence firm Sensor Tower. even as Fortnite is still in advance in the issimplest the pinnacle downloaded iOS app in 15 international locations.
PUBG is no. 1 on iOS in nations like Russia, Germany, Canada, and Australia. similarly to the U.S., Fortnite is on pinnacle in extraordinary Britain and France.

each games have players dropping onto an island with as much as ninety nine other humans with the purposeof outlasting everybody else. And each have already had pc and console versions. Now, on mobileplayers all over the world are downloading the game and gambling it anywhere they pass and feature an internet signal.

In terms of revenues, Fortnite has just exceeded $2 million on iOS. That has helped it stay near the top of the grossing charts. Tencent, however, has no longer became on in-app purchases for PUBG yet.

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