Duolingo to Silicon Valley employees: circulate to Pittsburgh, where you could definitely have the funds for a domestic

Duolingo to Silicon Valley employeescirculate to Pittsburgh, where you could definitely have the funds for a domestic

because the fee of residing maintains to upward push in Silicon Valley, tech corporations in other components of the u . s . a . are getting more competitive in pitching workers to transport to their towns for a better pleasant of lifestyles.

This week, the language-getting to know platform Duolingo put up an advert alongside San Francisco’s US toll road a hundred and one, encouraging residents to move to Pittsburgh where the organisation’s headquarters are primarily based. In Pittsburgh, you could each “paintings in tech” and “personal a domestic,” the advert touted.

Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn advised VentureBeat in an email that the corporation turned into prompted to position up the ad after figuring out that most of its Pittsburgh personnel who relocated to the city referred to the low cost of housing as one of the identifying factors. Von Ahn said that eighty five percentage of the agency’s Pittsburgh-based totally personnel moved to the metropolis from elsewhere. The company has one hundred ten personnel, the general public of whom training session of Pittsburgh.

“One [employee] who recently joined Duolingo moved from the Bay vicinity and ended up shopping for a house almost at once,” von Ahn stated. “He said he by no means would have been capable of do this earlier than, but here in Pittsburgh, he observed a fairly priced domestic on a huge plot of land and jumped at the opportunity to be a owner of a house and feature a big backyard for his dog.”

consistent with Zillow, the median domestic cost in Pittsburgh is $132,four hundred — an boom of approximately 10.4 percent from 2016. meanwhile, the median home value in San Francisco is $1.29 million, up 10.eight percent from the earlier year. In San Jose, the median domestic fee has extended 23.nine percentage, and now stands at $1.1 million.

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