The ninth month of pregnancy

The ninth month  of pregnancy

The ninth month of pregnancy
you get the last month of your  pregnancy, so do not lose your interest in nutrition  because there is an important task awaiting you , which requires your body to be in a full readiness nutritionally for the birth and then breast feeding.A pair of question for the doctor: How much is my weight supposed to  increase  in the last ninth month, ?

Your expected weight gain  during this month is 2-3 kg. The full increase of your weight during pregnancy should be between 11-15 kg
Follow these general guidelines for healthy food during this month
:• Eat calcium sources such as milk and its derivatives to maintain the health of your bones and their importance for the composition of the milk needed for breast feeding your baby.
• Drink a lot of liquids to reduce puffiness that you may feel during this month, more than any other time.
• Stay away from anything that might make you feel tired or inconvenience.
• Limit fatty ,fried and fatty foods so that your weight of undesired fat does not increase , as well as they may cause you a feeling of  heartburn.
• Eat vegetables and fruits (especially dried ones) to eliminate the problem of constipation.
• Limit salt and salty foods overall , nuts, pickles and chips.Good dialogue:
A pair of question for the doctor: It is said that walking is very useful for pregnant women, is this true?Yes, it relieves your feeling of  puffiness and constipation, . It prepares you for childbirth and makes it less difficult for you!

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