In the fourth month of pregnancy

In the fourth month of pregnancy

In the fourth month of pregnancy
This stage is considered as the most enjoyable stages of pregnancy, which begins with the appearance of pregnancy and flatulence!
What is the significance of iron in your food system in this stage?
1-You need a large amount of iron, more than any other stage in your life, and this is because of the increasing amount of blood in your body in order to feed the fetus.
2-Eat more meat and  chicken, as well as legumes (lentils, beans, beans) and green leafy vegetables (spinach, chard). Do not forget to eat vitamin C (lemon, oranges, cantaloupe, broccoli, green pepper) during your meals to absorb iron from legumes and vegetables.
3-Avoid sweets!
If you are inclined to eat sweets in abundance try to avoid taking them and exchange sweets for dried fruits, unsalted nuts , yogurt with fruit or a cake with a spoon of 
jam or honey.
One of the most important things that must be considered during pregnancy is not to leave yourself without food for four hours in order to avoid vomiting, heartburn, feeling tired and depleting energy from your body.
Therefore, you should eat from five to six
nutritious snack, Here's an example for every day:
At breakfast:
• A cup of low-fat milk

• 2-3 pieces of biscuits or cakes

• 2-3 beads pass or a banana

Snack :
•2 Toast 
• 2 tablespoon brick or white cheese
• vegetables (cucumber, tomato)
At lunch:
• A cup of rice
• 2 cups of cooked vegetables with meat (any kind)
•A  cup of milk / yogurt
Snack :
• 1 \ 2 cups of unsalted nuts

• 1 \ 2 cups of dried fruit

• A cup of fresh juice or unsweetened (Stay away from orange juice if it causes you heartburn)
the dinner:
• A cup of vegetable soup with chicken
• 2 toast with 2 tablespoons brick
What is the expected weight gain at the end of this month?
In this month, the increasing true weight begins by 0.5 kg in a week. The increase of the expected weight at the end of the fourth month is 1.5 2 kg.

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