How can woman know if she is generating enough breast milk?

How can woman know if she is generating enough breast milk?

How can woman know if she is generating enough breast milk?

It's quite ordinary for some women to worry about their milk production when they start breastfeeding their baby. 
 Many mothers worry about how much milk they are producing and whether their baby is obtaining enough to meet his important needs of growing. 

The best signs that you’re making enough milk is that your baby's weight  is increasing and he is growing . It’s ordinary for a newborn to lose weight in the first few days, but then his weight  begins to increase again three to five days after birth.
Here are other indications that your baby is obtaining enough milk:
Breastfeeding is convenient and painless.
Your newborn has to be breast fed at least six to eight times a day until he is satisfied after a breast feeding.
you feel your breast emptier and softer after  a breast feeding.
You can see and  hear your baby swallowing while he is feeding.
Your baby goes away your breast spontaneously when he's finished.
Your baby urines at least seven times in 24 hours and when he
defecates, his stool is yellow with little chunk of  curdled milk. Exclusively breastfed baby can defecates many times a day or only once in five days; both cases are considered ordinary .

In most situations of suspected low milk production, the real trouble is not about how much milk you have, but how much milk your baby is able to obtain . Make sure that your baby is okay so that he is able to get the milk you have. 

Breastfeeding your baby frequently on need is also important to aid you produce and maintain good milk production. If your newborn is very sleepy, you may need to wake him and softly promote him to be fed more often. This will motivate your breasts to produce more milk. 

Your body adjust with milk supply to the amount being demanded,so if you begin completing your milk with formula or other complements, your milk production will decrease. More you feed your baby, more milk your body will produce. 

If you are worried about your baby’s weight gain or feel that you are indeed not producing enough breast milk, it is better to go to your doctor. She will be able to give you advice or offer a treatment as needed. 

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