Best Diet Tips

    Best Diet Tips and quick weight loss tips 

the best diet: ,Drink a lot of ,water or, non-calorie, drinks

First, the best diet: Drink a lot of water or non-calorie drinks

People often confuse between hunger and thirst , so you should drink a cup of water because it does not contain any calories, and also juices such as carrots, which are considered as the least calorie- juices

Think regimeSecond, Best Diet: Think of the ingredients you are going to add to regime, not that you are going to avoid

Start by focusing on getting the recommended servings of the Diet such as fruits and vegetables every day, it may seem much but it is worth because it will achieve your goals to obtain the largest amount of fiber and a sense of satisfaction through the amount of food you eat.

You also will no longer need to eat more because fruits and vegetables will replace fats. More than 200 studies prove that eating fruits and vegetables lowers multiple diseases greatly compared to eating prepared foods.

?Third, the best diet: Are you really hungry

When you would like eating, think and ask yourself if you are really hungry, hunger is the way your body tells you about what you need to eat . So, when you finish eating, you should not feel upset or replete.
The size of stomach should be as the same as the size of a fist

Choose ,meals ,carefully tonight

Fourthly, the best diet: Choose meals carefully tonight

We mean the meals we usually eat after dinner while relaxing in front of TV such as chips and  Biscuits.In order to get a better diet, we should be discarded or mitigate as much as possible from these meals.

Enjoy your, favorite, food

, for the best diet: Enjoy your favorite food

Instead of depriving yourself from eating your favorite food, you can eat your favorite food while dieting, but in smaller amounts than usual, therefore we recommend moderating in it.

better, diet

 Sixth, for better diet: eat several small meals during the day

If you have a few calories and burn them, it is better than eating a large amount your body can not burn. Studies have shown that people who eat Mn 4-5 snacks have the ability to control their appetite and weight.

 Eat, protein at ,every meal

, for better diet: Eat protein every meal

Protein is more beneficial than carbohydrates and fats, a secret weapon for weight control .In regime, we need greater protein intake and less carbohydrates in addition to exercise continuously, which helps you lose weight faster .Getting a sufficient amount of protein helps muscle to develop and burn fat, and it is advised obtaining protein from natural sources such as yogurt, beans, cheese and nuts during snacks.

Increase ,spicesEighth, for the best diet: Increase spices and preferably hot

Adding spices in general, and hot spices in particular gives you a sense of satisfaction when you eat. Studies have shown that hot spices help to reduce the amount of food.

Buy ,healthy foodsNinth, for the best diet: Buy healthy foods

Such as fresh vegetables and fruits, grilled chicken. Stay away from fried.

kids', meals

 Tenth, for better diet : ask for kids' meals

when you go out to eat in a restaurant, ask for yourself children's meals because they are smaller and contain less calorie amounts.
food diary

 Finally, food diary

 the secrets of dieting success are to monitor everything that enters your mouth every day from food and drink. You can write whatever you eat from food and drink in Notepad in addition to writing the number of calories. That gives you more ability of control in the amount of calories that you eat. You can also discuss these foods with your doctor to determine the impact on you if possible.

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