Babies' refusal to breastfeeding

Babies' refusal to breastfeeding

Babies' refusal to breastfeeding

There are many babies who refuse breastfeeding though breast milk is the source of natural nutrition for a newborn child because he gets his nutrition and energy from his mother , so you should solve this problem in order to maintain your child's health.
Here are the causes of child's refusal for breastfeeding 

- Changing the taste of milk:
Milk taste may change gradually if the mother has particular drug  or chili food with a strong flavor or  unhealthy food,which makes your child avoid breast-feeding, so try to stay away from these things and choose what suits your child to eat.

- Fast milk flow: 
Fast milk flow bothers a child so much, making him away from breastfeeding, so you should solve this problem  and take care of your health and the health of your child.

- Changing hormones: 
If hormones change, the taste of the milk also changes, which makes your child stay away from breastfeeding and this happens when menstrual cycle approaches. 

- Baby nasal congestion:
 when a child has nasal congestion  , he prefers breathing to breast feeding. In order to prevent your baby from suffocation, you should treat the disease of your child quickly.

- The presence of gases in the body of the child: 
When a child gets gases in his body, he rejects everything because of the pains he feels .Make sure to treat your child from gases .

- Child infection with thrush
It is fungal disease and contagious among children so you should ascertain that there are white spots on his tongue so that you can take care of your child treatment.

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