To logo or not to logo your next online game

To logo or not to logo your next online game

Above: Hogwarts.
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To brand or not to brand is one of the oldest discussions in video gamesadding a popular emblem like Harry Potter can be just the element for Niantic’s next sport, coming on the heels of Pokémon gohowever digitalArts once targeted a big quantity of assets on brands like James Bond and Harry Potter, and it encountered oversaturation and customer exhaustion.

We mentioned these subjects at a panel I moderated at the recent Montreal international recreation Summit. brands in games are cyclical. occasionally they work inside the early degree of a platform, and on occasionthey do higher amid an explosion of titles, like with the mobile recreation surroundings.

We knew this is nicely-worn territory, so we tried to make the consultation as in-depth as we should. We looked at the pros and cons of brands as opposed to new highbrow residences throughout many distinctfranchises. My professional panelists included Caglar Eger, head of strategic partnerships at Goodgame Studios; Matthew Leopold, director of global enterprise improvement at Yodo1; and Louis-René Auclair, cofounder of RocketJump video games and previous chief advertising officer at Hibernum Creations.

here’s an edited transcript of our panel.

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