Learning how to make rice with milk for Middle Eastern food

  Learning how to make rice with milk for Middle Eastern food

rice with milk

 Rice  with milk  is a kind of sweet . It is the most famous and delicious food for Arabs. It is easy and delicious at the same time. It does not need more time to make , also . Rice with milk has its main ingredients and recipe I am going to talk about . I am also going to present  some useful advice everyone should follow to have successful and delicious rice with milk.

The main ingredients

One fourth cup of precooked rice
One cup of water
Four cups of milk
One fourth cup of blossom water
One tablespoon of sugar for every cup of milk

The recipe

Pour the four cups  of milk  and the one cup of water into a pot and heat it over medium high heat with constant stirring until it begins to boil then put the one fourth cup of precooked rice and the one fourth cup of blossom water into the pot and keep moving until  you notice that the rice is cooked well and coherent .
After that , add the tablespoons of sugar  into the pot and move the mixture.

 Finally, pour the mixture in small bowls and leave it in the refrigerator .

You can decorate the rice with milk with nuts if you like .      
It depends on your desire.
There are some advice you should follow during cooking the rice with milk .
You should stay  at the kitchen and keep your eyes on the mixture because rice with milk is too sensitive .You should keep moving the mixture in order not to be burned , stuck on or flooded.
In my opinion, rice with milk is too delicious food for all ages ,the young ,old and babies. I recommend everyone to try this recipe. I am sure that everyone will like it .

Calories in Rice Milk

Nutrition Facts

Pacific - Rice Milk

Calories178Sodium56 mg
Total Fat0 gPotassium520 mg
Saturated0 gTotal Carbs46 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber4 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars33 g
Trans0 gProtein3 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Vitamin A107%Calcium5%
Vitamin C102%Iron13%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs

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