a (Chickpea Fatteh(Fattet Hummus) - .

(Chickpea Fatteh(Fattet Hummus)

(Chickpea Fatteh(Fattet Hummus)

(Chickpea Fatteh(Fattet Hummus)

Chickpea Fatteh is the most delicious and famous food for Arabs specially in Syria. Everyone or every country has its own recipe of preparing.

 It depends on personal desire. I am going to talk about the main ingredients and recipe of Chickpea Fatteh.

The main ingredients 

Two cups of chickpeas 

Five tablespoons of yogurt 

Five tablespoons of tahini paste

Half a cup of lemon juice
Three cloves of ground garlic
One tablespoon of salt 
One tablespoon of ground cumin
One tablespoon of red paper
Two table spoons of ghee
Two tablespoons of nuts
A bunch of chopped parsley
A loaf of bread 
The recipe
The first step, chop the loaf of bread into small pieces .

Then heat a frying oil pan and put the pieces of bread in the frying oil  pan until they are toasted

toasted bread

After that , remove the pieces of bread from the frying oil pan and leave them aside.
toasted bread

The second step,  put the two cups of chickpeas in a pot and fill the pot with water. Heat the pot over medium high heat.leave them until they are cooked well.


The third step,to prepare the sauce of chickpeas , put one cup of chickpeas, half a cup of lemon juice,the five tablespoons of yogurt, the five tablespoons of tahini paste, one tablespoon of salt, the three cloves of ground garlic and some of chickpeas broth in a blender and mix them with each other until the mixture become coherent.
the sauce of chickpeas

The fourth step, put the two tablespoons of ghee in a frying pan and the two tablespoons of nuts . Heat the frying pan and stir the nuts until they are toasted.
toasted nuts

The last step, put the toasted bread in a dish. Then pour the sauce of chickpeas over the toasted bread. After that, put the other cup of chickpeas at the top and decorate the dish with toasted nuts , cumin ,red paper and parsley.
(Chickpea Fatteh(Fattet Hummus)

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