It’s necessary to comprehend properly  the word “design.” This means that God has created a flawless design that does not mean that He first conceived a plan and then pursued it. Allah, the Lord of the Earth and the heavens, needs no “designs” in order to bring anything into presence. God is elevated above all such deficiencies. Both of his planning and his creation happened at the same moment
 Whenever God wills a thing to come about, it is enough for Him just to say, “Be!”  As we are told in the verses of the Qur’an:
His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, “Be!” and it is. (In Holy Quran Surah Ya Sin: Verses 82)
[God is] the creator of the heavens and Earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, “Be!” and it is. (In Holy Quran, Surat Al-Baqara: Verses 117 )

Our odyssey, that started with the creation of this fluid 
compound, led us to obtain such skills as seeing, hearing and other processes of extreme complexity. No man within his senses can attribute his or her ideal creation to the skills of a drop of a blend and coincidences. The Creator who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, who is elevated and beyond all praise, is the Creator of these things as stated in the Quran 

36-? Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled 
37-? Was he not a drop of semen emitted
75-The Resurrection, 36-37 [75 SURE AL-QIYAMA, V36-V37] From holy Quran

Another quotation of Quran
O mankind! If you are in doubt about the Resurrection, then verily! We have created you (i.e. Adam) from dust, then from a Nutfah (mixed drops of male and female sexual discharge i.e. offspring of Adam), then from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood) then from a little lump of flesh, some formed and some unformed (miscarriage), that We may make (it) clear to you (i.e. to show you Our Power and Ability to do what We will). And We cause whom We will to remain in the wombs for an appointed term, then We bring you out as infants, then (give you growth) that you may reach your age of full strength. And among you there is he who dies (young), and among you there is he who is brought back to the miserable old age, so that he knows nothing after having known. And you see the earth barren, but when We send down water (rain) on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells and puts forth every lovely kind (of growth)
The Quran says that God who created man watches over him. In verse 37 it is stated that he is created from “a drop of semen.” Here again we are in the existence of a scientific fact inaccessible at the time of the Prophet. In this verse, the Arabic words “maney” (semen) and “nutfah” (drop) are differentiated. “Nutfah” means what is left of a fluid in a bucket whose contents have been emptied. Thus the expression indicates to a part and not to all the semen. The semen includes in a single ejaculation, along with its other constituents, sperm numbering between 100 million and 200 million. One out of hundreds of millions of sperm enriches the egg. In other words, the zygote, product of the union of two gametes, is but the consequence of a small portion of the sperm. The semen or the spermatozoon, the male gamete, typically consisting of a head including the nucleus, a middle piece including a mitochondrion and a relatively long tail whose construction is similar to that of a lagellum.
Hundreds of millions of semen, departing the male’s organ, head for the ovum waving their tails. The distance they cover in the woman’s organ of reproduction involves a considerably long journey, if measured in microns the length of a sperm (a micron is equal to one millionth of a meter). To cover such a distance means to swim long distances, kilometers in fact. Many of the semen die on the way and only a few succeed in reaching the object. Of the plenty of semen surrounding the egg, only one is allowed to insinuate, preventing the way to all others. Half of the genetic data of this sperm is included in a head of 5 microns. The other genetic code is waiting in the mother’s womb. All these are the consequence of many happening details. God shows his technique in every instance.



8- Then made his offspring from the quintessence of the nature of a despised fluid

32-The Prostration, 8 [32 SURE AS-SAJDAH, V8]From holy Quran
 In the 46th chapter, our attention was drawn to the fact that man was created from a quintessence of clay. The Arabic meaning of the word, “quintessence” is “sulala.” Just as man is created from a “quintessence” of the earth, he is also created from a “quintessence” of semen. While the word “drop” indicates just a small amount of sperm, the word “quintessence” draws attention to the substance of sperm. Sperm constitute only a part of the semen, in fact, they are the basic element of it. The particular sperm that enriches the egg is but a tiny part of hundreds of millions of sperm in semen; it is also the swimmer that reaches the end , having overtaken all the others. Each of us is the winner sperm’s product. Every human being coming to the world has behind him hundreds of millions in this swimming contest. We, who are reading these lines, have come out victorious, since we are far ahead of those we have left behind.

57- It is We who created you, so why do you not affirm the truth?
58- Do you then see the semen that you emit?
59- Is it you who create it or are We the creator?
56-The Inevitable, 57-59 [56 SURE AL-WAQIYA, V57 - V59] From holy Quran

45- That He did create in pairs, male and female;
46- From a drop of semen which emitted. 
53The Star, 45-46 [53 SURE AN-NAJAM, V45 - V46]

( From holy Quran)

 Even today there are still people and families on the husband’s side who upbraid mothers for giving birth to girls rather than to boys. That it is the mother who determines the sex of her child is a lingering prejudice among the ignorant. Although well-informed scientific circles were exempt from such misconceptions, even they had until quite recently the concept that the child’s sex was the joint output of equal contribution by the mother’s egg and the father’s semen. The fact that it is the sperm that decides on the child’s sex has only recently been founded. In a fabricated hadith falsely attributed to the Prophet, we read: “Male’s water is white. Woman’s water is yellow. If the two come together and the man’s water overcomes the woman’s, a male child is born, if, on the other hand, it is the woman’s water that controls, the child is a girl.” One can see that during and centuries after the time of the Prophet the factor that decides on the sex of the child was not known. 

The implication in the Quran of the formation of sex is stunning, as it points that it is a drop of semen that decides on it. The 46 chromosomes that human cells include form the genetic code of a human being. Two of these decides on the child’s sex. Male chromosomes are defined as XY and the female ones as XX. The chromosomes are divide during ovulation into two each, including an X chromosome. Some sperms include X and some Y chromosome. If an X chromosome unites with an X chromosome in the woman’s egg, the sex of the child to be born will be female, while a Y chromosome in man uniting with an X chromosome in woman means the offspring will be of the male sex. We see that whether the future child will be a boy or a girl is entirely dependent on the arrival of an X or Y chromosome from the semen. Biological research goes on. The discovery in the1990s of the SRY protein in the Y chromosome, and the conclusions derived from it, have reinforced the obtainable data on the matter. This information that the Quran implied more than 1400 years ago was not known until quite recently. We can mention, for example, the story of Henry the VIII, who divorced Catherine his queen for having 168 given him a girl child. This fact, pointed to in the Quran, had also an ironical touch. Women have been blamed for centuries for having been responsible in the decision of the sex of the child they were going to give birth to. The discoveries of science have illustrated this miraculous event, while ruling out the grounds which put the upraid on the woman

20- Have We not created you from an unassuming liquid
21- The which We placed in a secure place
77-The Emissaries, 20-21 [77 SURE AL-MURSALAT, V20-V21](From holy Quran)

The womb is described as a safe place. Being placed in the center of the pelvic cavity, it is well protected. Man’s organ is not preferable with such an boon. The womb is a cavity whose walls are manufactured from muscles and have the form of a pear. In an adult woman, the length of her womb exceeds 8cm, the width measures 5cm and the height 2.5cm. The womb is comparatively small in size, stretches extremely during the last stage of pregnancy. The weight of it is 50gr while it exceeds about 1000 gr at the end of pregnancy. The child it holds within it can even exceed 5000 grams. This means that the child is 100 times heavier than the womb itself

 It is the only organ that can expand so quickly and is given to quick growth. With its tightly wedged thick muscles, it protects the embryo, quickly growing in size, against all sorts of external impacts and reverse conditions. The embryo, exposed to all kinds of risks, owes its survival to the solid construction of the womb, its perfect place. The Quran’s drawing our attention to the hardness and firmness of the womb calls for our studying it more deeply is a evidence of the God whose grace protects the embryo against all ill intentions
1- In the name of God, Gracious, Merciful. 

1-The Prologue, 1 [001 SURE AL-FATEHA, 1 V](From holy Quran)



Quotations of Quran  V6- ...He creates you, in the wombs of your mothers, in stages, one after the other, in three darkness.
  -The Throngs, V6 [039 SURE AZ-ZAMAR, V6]
(From holy Quran)
The embryo in the mother’s matrix is a brittle thing. If it were not protected well, heat, cold, temperature variations, effects or even the mother’s sudden movement might kill it or bring about it irretrievable injury. The three areas within the mother’s matrix protect the embryo against all kinds of risks. These are:
1- The abdominal wall,
2- The womb wall, and
3- The amniotic sac.

With the level of awareness at the time, this information could not have been obtainable. The embryo  persists to grow in the dark of these three areas . The amniotic sac includes a liquid that fills the amnion to protect the fetus from drainage and shock. This  material is a sort of cushion that imbibes shocks, balances exerted stresses , prohibits the amniotic velum from adhering to the fetus and enables the embryo to change position in the womb . If the embryo could not easily move in the said liquid, it would keep idle as a mass of flesh and would likely suffer damages driving to different complications. Equal distribution of heat enables the embryo  to be at a stable temperature: 31°C. We observe that our Creator has designed everything skillfully in its minutest detail, pleasing all the requirements of our body and protecting it against the risks lurking in the outside world.


It was also said that verse indicated  to the fact that during the phases of creation we passed across three different phases of growth . According to this view the three veils of darkness indicate to: 

1- The fallopian tubes: Either of the paired oviducts that stretch from bleach to womb for conduction of the ovum in mammals. The semen, having enriched the egg, proceeds on along the fallopian tubes. The zygote during this journey starts to split and reproduce itself. 
2- The uterine wall: The phase during which the fetus hangs on the wall. 
3- Amniotic sac: The sac fills with a liquid that surrounds the embryo. The next step of developement calls for a longer period of growth  . 

A glimpse at the exterior aspect offers a uniformity of sight. But were we to shrink to the size of a tiny cell and scout the environment, we would see how different these compartments were. The first dark space is reminiscent of a monumental tunnel with respect to the cell. The second compartment is a dark forest where no light penetrates, and the third chamber reflects the dark deepness of the sea. 

There are three interconnected layers or three spaces through which the embryo passes. God knows whether the indication is to one or to the other. And there are three phases through which the fetus developes . The three phases in question are: 

1- The pre-fetal phase: This phase is called the “first trimester.” As the cells multiply, they become organized in three layers; this process takes two weeks. 
2- The embryonic phase: Basic organs start to emerge from the cell layers. This phase is pointed to as the “second trimester” stretching from the second week to the eighth week. 
3- The fetus phase: The face, hands and feet appear and the human figure is formed. This is the “third trimester” that stretches from the 8th week until delivery . 

Our shaping up takes place in phases, in each of which new proofs emerge. Data relative to embryology have been gained only in the recent past. Neither before the descent of the Quran, nor in the course of the millennium succeeding it can you find such information available. The Quran refered the composition of the sperm , from a drop of which man was created. The Quran coined names that describe the evolution phases of the fetus ; namely suspending to the wall of the womb (alaq), succeeded by the chewed lump of flesh (mudga). Thus the Quran uses terminology based on the positions the embryo assumes. There was no origin before the Quran which confirmed that the muscles were made after the formation of bones. 
To confirm a scientific fact, a scientific background is a must. It is on such a ground that other data can rest, which, in turn, calls for developed microscopes and micro cameras. At the descent of the Quran, there was no such scientific background or such equipment. Nobody of sound mind can come forward and say that the information in the Quran was a consequence of fortunate chances. 

4- We created the human being in the best design 

5- Then turned him into the lowliest of the lowly. 

95-The Fig, 4-5 [95 SURE AT-TEEN, V4-V5]

35- Were they created of nothing or were they themselves the creators? 

52-The Mount, 35 [52 SURE AT-TOOR, V35](From holy Quran)


13- Then We placed him as a drop in a firmly established lodging
14- Then We developed the drop into a hanging...

23-The Believers, 13-14 [23 SURE AL-MOMINOON, V13-V14](From holy Quran)

Alaq” is the Arabic word indicating to something that is hanging on a place. Embryology did not subsist as a science at the time of the Prophet. Neither was there special terminology yet. The Quran described the phases using the current  words at the time. According to this description, the zygote then hangs on the wall of the womb. The Quran brings illustration to something unknown at the time. To render the word “alaq” with the sense ‘fetus’ may not precisely reflect its original meaning, and would moreover fail to transfer its spirit. To interpret it as “a clot of blood” deviates from the literal meaning of the word. This rendering has often been adopted, granting it the attribute of a secondary sense of the word. 

In 1641, Harvey’s statement, according to which the source of every living thing was an egg, and saying that the fetus subject to changes, passing through phases of evolution , was one of the basic contributions to the developement of science. In the 17th century, when man already had the microscope at his disposal, the respective function of the egg and of the semen were subjects of debates . Bonnet (1720-1793) cntemplated that female eggs consisted of a uncounted number of smaller eggs, one inside the other, and  popularized on the “preformation theory,” which maintains that a child emerges from an adult in diminutive contained within the egg, and he applied this theory to all animals. This hypothesis found many proponents in the 18th century. Men, some thousand years prior to the 18th century, had been 

informed with the Quran. What was said in it about the reproduction of the human organism was rendered in a clear expression that was to take man centuries to affirm. Keith Moore, anatomy professor in the Toronto University of Canada, says that the information existed in the Quran about embryology cannot be accounted for by the  data available in the 7th century. He goes further and says that, even a century back, this was hardly known. Only today are we in a position to comprehend what the verses of the Quran meant, thanks to the evolution of modern embryology. 
In history, the only book that exactly describes the evolution of the human being within the matrix is the Quran. Let us once again tackle the matter of hanging to the womb wall. Only after the invention of the microscope was man able to bring this fact to light as a consequence of evolution in the fields of physiology, anatomy and embryology.
6- These are the signs of God which We rehearse to you in truth. Then in which word other than God and His signs do they believe? 
45-Kneeling, 6 [45 SURE AJ-JASHIYA, 6V](From holy Quran)

The semen that encounters its other half in the Fallopian tube persists its path from there toward the womb . The fetus , in its journey, does not hang on to the Fallopian tube. The fetus proceeds on, and when it arrives the womb hangs onto a spot where the blood vessels are intense . The phase of “alaq” indicated in the Quran has begun . How is it that this weak cell devoid of all cleverness ultimately finds for itself a refuge in the womb , the perfect place for it? How is it that the fetus that arrives at the womb hangs on its wall and is able to get all the nutrition substantial for its growth , like a leech? (One of the meanings of the word “alaq” is “leech.”) All these things are accurately arranged by God’s skillful technique, . Those who are blind to this fact and reject to see in this God’s doing, explaining it as pure chances or the fetus’s geniality, will be in a silly situation. 

The process of the fetus hanging on the womb wall is the consequence of a sophisticated system. To insinuate the acid layer of the uterine wall, the fetus excretes an enzyme (hyaluronidase) that catalyzes the uterine tissue and permits the permeation of the fetus , which settles in it like a plant. Henceforth, it will provide its requirement for food and oxygen from this very point. The hyaluronidase excreted by the fetus catalyzes the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, the fetus shoots some chemicals to protect itself from the mother’s immune system, which would otherwise treat the fetus as a foreign invader to be ruined . 
The fetus ’s discovery of the place where it is going to hang is a miracle. The embryonic cells have so many activities to fulfill that a scientist who studies them can easily come to the conclusion that they are entities of high cleverness. 
1. Read in the name of your Lord who created
2. He created man from a hanging.
 96-The Hanging, 1-2 [96 SURE AL-ALAQ, V1-V2]

(From holy Quran)



14- Then We developed the drop into a hanging, then developed the hanging into a chewed lump of flesh. 

23-The Believers, 14 [023 SURE AL-MOMINOON, 14V]

(From holy Quran)
The Quran persists showing its marvels in its description of “alaq” succeeded by the “mudga” (chewed lump of flesh) stage. As a matter of fact, the fetus in the womb has the shape of a chewed lump of flesh, a tiny piece of flesh. Sura 22-The Pilgrimage, verse 5, speaks “of chewed lump of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed,” which is a good description of the aspect of the fetus. The aspect offered to our sight is of an indented figure whose head, feet and inner organs have started to grow (partly formed, partly unformed). 

Prof. Keith L. Moore says that he had a model made in plastic in the shape of an fetus and bit on it, leaving the signs of his teeth; this looked to be an precise  reproduction of an fetus , and interpreted the indentation indicated to in the Quran.


A single cell subjects to many phases in forming the different organs and tissues of the body. A chewed lump of flesh at one phase , it is changed into organs, muscles, skeleton, brain, eyes and ears, until in time man eventually emerges. To review all the phases of this evolution renders our awe still greater at the existence of God’s technique. There is a time when the lump transformed into a heart, a heart that beats 100,000 times a day without our being aware of it and without any conscious contribution on our part. Blood that comes to the heart and leaves it does not get mixed together. Blood is distributed in the body in perfect parts . The ventricles and atriums of the heart are wonders of creation. The organized movement of blood within the arteries and veins submits matchless perplexity and would take pages to describe. The day comes when this “chewed lump of flesh” is turned into a liver, the organ that assumes more than 400 roles . This tiny lump gets muscles to aid us in our numerous movements like eating, running, walking, sitting and laughing. The muscles function within the framework of an highly complex net of coordination. 

Merely smiling needs the coordinated functioning of 17 muscles. Our brains, hands, feet, intestines, kidneys, respiratory systems and the blood circulating in our veins and arteries owe their sources to this tiny lump of flesh, once a drop of liquid. The story of our creation would take up a whole encyclopedia. The Quran invites us to study these phenomena and speculate upon them. The prayer and ritual imposed to man in the Quran have been a topic of long debate . The verses that indicate to ratiocination and contemplation, which, although superior in number to those of the rituals, have received less attention. 

6- O human beings! What has seduced you from your Lord, Most Beneficent?
7- The One who created you, designed you in due proportion, and disposed you aright.
8- In whatever design He chose, He constructed you.
 82-The Shattering, 6-8 [82 SURE AL-INFITAAR, V6 - V8](From holy Quran)




.14- ...then created the chewed lump of flesh (mudga) into bones, then covered the bones with flesh (lahm)...
23-The Believers, 14 [23 SURE AL-MOMINOON, V14]

259- Look further at the bones, how We construct them and then cover with flesh (lahm).
2-The Cow, 259 [013 SURE AR-RAAD, V 259](From holy Quran)
The fetus is a boneless lump. Its cartilage tissue is tuned into bones in due time, as stated in the Quran, followed by their being clothed in muscular flesh. The Arabic word “lahm” means the muscular flesh. This process was unknown 1400 years ago. It was believed that the bones and muscles grew simultaneously. Developed microscopes and micro cameras introduced into the womb confirmed once again the truth expressed in the Quran.

The verse quoted from the sura The Cow draws our attention to the skeleton and calls us to check it carefully . While reading this verse, we will try to contemplate upon the miraculous formations within our bodies. Our skeletons, miracles of engineering, are shaped of 206 bones of varying sizes. They are towers made of bones linked with each other by joints and bonds , enabling us to jump, run, bend, sit, etc. To turn the page of a book necessitates the concurrent action of our shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers, without our being aware of the fact that it is the skeleton that fulfills this act. 

The skeletal system is made up of structures composed of bones or cartilage or a blend of the two, which supply a framework for the vertebrate body and work as connection for muscles. Every portion of this system independently fulfills the function with which it has been charged. Where the movement is deemed to involve risk , the joints are fixed, like in the skull and pelvis, while in the hips or shoulders they are mobile. Cervical vertebrae allow the head to swirl around its axis up to 180 degrees. Thus, one does not have to turn his body to look around. The lungs and heart are protected by ribs to assure their proper and secure functioning without being exposed to any danger . The skeletal system supports the body like the columns and beams of a building. However, it is to be wondered at that while in modern buildings the frame forms 60-70% of the building’s weight, the human skeleton shapes but 15% of the body weight. The structural frame is highly resistant. For instance the thighbone (the femur) in vertical position can carry a weight of one ton. Hardness and flexibility coexist. 

The skeleton has a lubricating system, the details of which the present book can hardly touch. Every joint in our bodies is orderly lubricated with special oily substances. Verse 259 of the sura The Cow, “Look further at the bones,” guides our attention to these data that form but a small part of man’s marvelous makeup. 
2- Verily, We created the human from a drop of liquid mixture in order to try him. Thus We made him a hearer and a seer. 
76-The Human, 2 [076 SURE AL-INSAAN, V 2]
(From holy Quran)
How wonderful it is to think that a day will come when a blend called sperm will be able to hear, see, laugh, weep, think, comprehend ; and technical works may be created by him donated with aesthetic feelings. What a great boon for a man!
While the Quran says that there will be a day when a drop of a blend will be able to hear and see, maybe it reveals the fact that seeing is to succeed hearing. In many verses we frequently come across “hearing and seeing.” In all these verses hearing comes first and seeing second. By the 23rd week of pregnancy the evolution of the ear is achieved while the retina is still undeveloped even in the 25th week. The fact that the verse mentions hearing first and the organ of vision afterward may be an reference to this fact. 
8- God knows what every female bears, and how much the womb falls short or exceeds. Everything He does is perfectly measured. 
13-The Thunder, 8 [013 SURE AR-RAAD,V 8]
8- God knows what every female bears, and how much the womb falls short or exceeds. Everything He
does is perfectly measured. 
13-The Thunder, 8 [013 SURE AR-RAAD,V 8](From holy Quran)



ll these constituents are obtainable at reasonable prices. The cost of all these elements is not any higher than a hundred dollars according to the New York Stock Exchange. Yes, a hundred dollars exactly is the basic price of man. God created man out of a combination of elements that costs almost nothing. The mystery does not lie in the material out of which man is made, but in the Creator...
2V- Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.
1-The Prologue, 2 [01 SURE AL-FATEHA, 2 V]

(From holy Quran)

As it is interpreted in the sura The Believers, Verse 12, man was created from a quintessence. God merged the elements included in clay as a consequence of fine calculations. These elements are harmoniously and proportionately distributed in the body at delivery ; the body is programmed to utilize them in due portion and to dispose of any excess . The human body includes about 2kg calcium. If there is a diminution in this amount, the very act of biting into an apple may make our teeth to break. Our body requires 120gr of potassium. A diminution of it may cause muscle cramps, tiredness , intestinal troubles, and palpitations. We require just about 2gr to 3gr of zinc. Any decrease in these values may cause loss of memory, impotence, lowering of the ability to act and weakening of the senses of smell and taste. Incapability of selenium may bring about the weakening of muscles, hardening of arteries and heart muscles... 

All these data suggest that God, while making use of clay as raw substance for man, merged its constituents in perfect proportions. The Quran is exact in its statements. Creating a living being such as man from such ordinary matter is one of the manifestations of the omniscience of God. Precise combination in due proportion of all the constituents of the human body manifests God’s peerless design. The creation of man, a masterwork , out of a matter of simple aspect like clay, indicates again the majesty of God. 

30- ...and from water We made all living things. Will they
not believe even then?
21-The Prophets, 30 [21 SURE AL-AMBIYA,V 30]

45- God created every moving creature from water... 
24-The Light, 45 [24 SURE AN-NOOR, V 45](From holy Quran)
In the 54th verse of the sura The Distinguisher, it is said that human beings are created from water, and in the suras The Prophets and The Light it is said that all living beings are created from water. Water is the major biological element of living matter. Cells are made of water in proportions differing between 60% to 80%. A cell whose major element is water is a living thing. Without water there is no life. Water is consisted  of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms. Water, whose chemical constituents have been arranged skillfully , is made of atoms devoid of organic life and 99% 
vacuum. How is it that living beings and animals are created from something of which 99% is void? How is it that an existence made of an inorganic and inanimate matter comes to life? 
24- He is God, the Creator, the Maker, the Designer; to Him belong the most beautiful names. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the Wise. 
59-Exodus, 24 [059 SURE AL-HASHR, 24V]
2- Verily, We created the human from a drop of a liquid mixture in order to try him. Thus We made him a hearer and a seer. 
76-The Human, 2 [76 SURE AL-INSAAN, 2V](From holy Quran)

Analyses in detail of organs and materials in the human body could be made with the invention and evolution of the microscope. These analyses displayed that sperm is composed of spermatozoa in their nutritive plasma, excretions from the prostate, seminal vesicles and various other glands. Citric acid, prostaglandin, flavins, ascorbic acid, fructose, phosphorylcoline, cholesterol, phospholipids, fibrinolysin, zinc, acid phosphatase, and semen are among the different constituents of the sperm . 

Our body is one of the best, the most wonderful and the most sophisticated of works. Thanks to it, we are able to see and hear, to immortalize our lineage; thanks to the proficiency of this body we can design and build tools, computers, bridges and airplanes and do paintings, carve statues and compose music. Our body is the product of one of the initial phases of creation, that required the creation of all the constituents of the sperm . This was to be followed by the physio-chemical processes contained in the union of the male and female gametes to form the zygote, the enriched ovum before cleavage. The explication of only the semen bond or the prostate gland would take hundreds of pages. Our Creator points in His book to a “fluid mixture.” Our analysis of this mixture and its constituents contributes to our increasing wonder at the existence of the miraculous creation of our body.



3- Does the human being think that We cannot assemble his bones? 

4- Surely, We are able to reconstruct even his fingertips. 

75-The Resurrection, 3-4 [075 SURE AL-QIYAMA, V3-V4](From holy Quran)
Fingerprints did not mean much to the people at the Prophet’s time. An Englishman by the name of Genn Ginsen, in 1856, found out that the pattern of lines at the tip of a person’s finger was something unique to the individual. Until 1856, men knew nothing about this characteristic of fingertips. The discovery of the fact that the pattern of lines on fingertips was a kind of identity card is often used by the police to aid find criminals. The pattern lines of the fingertips differ even in identical twins. This identity card cannot be rigged ; it affixes a unique signature to whatever it touches. One cannot mimic or deny it. We carry it about us till the end of our days. Epidermal burns or damages or aging deform our bodies in one way or another, yet cannot change this fact. 

These types of lines are traced within the matrix when the embryo accomplishes its three months’ period. Research is presently being carried out to see whether these lines may be used to reveal genetic defects in our body. To the best of our knowledge so far, nothing positive has been discovered on this matter . It is, however, likely that something new may appear any day. 
At the time of the descent of the Quran, fingertips had nothing special about them. God, who will make man to come back to life on the Day of Judgment, asserts the significance of fingertips. 

One of the major references of this verse may indicate to the types of lines on man’s fingertips. There may be other references , according to which all the features of our body are encoded on our fingertips. It could be implied that during our re-creation all the spicialty and features of our body will be repaired , so it may be that what lies on our fingertips, obviously of little significance, will be sufficient for this process. The reason why fingertips are given as example is the general approval that they are simple things of not much worth. Nevertheless, even the seemingly insignificant tip of a finger is a data bank, thanks to which the entire body may be re-fashioned. DNA is one of the most important discoveries in human history. The discovery of DNA put an end to the thought that the human cell had a simple construction with its contents. As the cell came to be analyzed more and more, the perplexity of its structure was better comprehended . Even one piece of DNA contains a cipher formed of a group of more than three billion codes. From the color of our hair to our little finger, everything is included in this code. A printout of data linked to DNA would form the contents of about 1000 volumes of one million pages. What is more, DNA has the ability to repeat all these data within 20 to 80 minutes. In the lore contained in the 1000 volumes of one single DNA, one can find all the characteristics of the body. The DNA of a simple cell on the fingertip will give one all the important information. Our Creator can easily have recourse to this knowledge to re-create man. It would be as easy for Him to do so as if He were creating him for the first time. 
78- And he makes comparisons for Us and forgets his own creation. He says “Who can resurrect the bones after they are rotten?”
79- Say “He who created them the first time. He has knowledge of every creation.”

36-Ya-Seen, 78-79 [36 Sura Ya-seen, V78-v79]

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