He splits the sky at dawn, and appoints the night as a time of stillness and the Sun and Moon as a means of reckoning. (Qur'an, 6:96)

The Arabic word sakanan, which appears in the original of the above verse, means "comfort, rest, , time for a break." As pointed by Allah, night is the time when human beings repose . The hormone melatonin, excreted at night, gears the body for sleep by slowing down peoples' physical motions , making them sleepy and fatigued, and functioning as a natural tranquilizer that lulls their minds.167 During sleep, heartbeat and breathing rhythms slow down and blood pressure descends. In the morning, the production of the hormones cuts off and the body is stimulated to wake up.168

At the same time, sleep permits the body's muscles and tissues to reform themselves and the body to supersede old or dead cells. Since energy disbursement is decreased during sleep, the body saves power throughout the night. Several chemicals necessary for the immune system and evolution hormones are also excreted during sleep.169

In the event that people fail to gain enough sleep, therefore, the immune system is directly affected and the body gets more susceptible to illness . If people are unable to sleep for two nights, they will find it harder to focus and their error levels will evaporate . If they are forbidden of sleep for three nights, they will start to hallucinate and be unable to think logically.170

Night is as much a time for break for other living things as it is for human beings. This situation, pointed to by Allah in the verse "the night as a time of stillness," refers to a fact that cannot be noticed by the naked eye: Many activities that occur  during the day slow down and rest during the night. In plants, for example , perspiration in leaves and photosynthesis start to evaporate when the sun rises. In the afternoon, the situation is invert . In other words, photosynthesis slows down and respiration enhance , because perspiration is hurried as the temperature increased . At night time, as the temperature decreases , perspiration slows down and the plant rests. Most plants would die if just one night failed to occur. From that point of view, night means break and re-invigoration for plants, just as it does for human beings.171

motion at the molecular level also inclines at night. The radiation released by the Sun during the day activates the atoms and molecules in Earth's atmosphere and brings about them to fulfill higher power levels. As darkness falls, the atoms and molecules fall to bring down power levels and begin to give off radiation.172

These facts are, in all probability, pointed Surat al-An'am 96 and expose yet another of the Qur'an's countless marvels . (Allah knows best.)

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