Prophet Luut

 Prophet Luut

 Prophet Luut

Prophet Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, departed Egypt, escorted by his uncle Ibraaheem, may Allah exalt his mention, and headed to the city of Sodom in Palestine, which was on the western shore of the Dead Sea.

This city was filled with evil. Its residents waylaid, stole and murdered travelers. Another common evil among them was that their men used to have sex with men instead of women. This unnatural act later became known as sodomy, after the city of Sodom. It was practiced openly and unashamedly.

It was at the height of these sins and guilts that Allah uncovered to Prophet Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, that he should invite the people to give up their abusive conduct , but their immoral habits were so deeply deep-seated that they were deaf to Luut's preaching. Addicted to their unnatural wishes , they rejected to accept the call to contrition , even when Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, alerted them of Allah's penalty. Instead, they menaced to push him out of the city if he persisted preaching against their evil habits.

Allah Almighty revealed (what means): "The people of Luut denied the messengers. When their brother Luut said to them: 'Will you not fear Allah? Indeed, I am to you a trustworthy messenger. So fear Allah and obey me. And I do not ask you for it any payment. My payment is only from the Lord of the worlds. Do you approach males among the worlds. And leave what your Lord has created for you as mates? But you are a people transgressing.' They said: 'If you do not desist, O Luut, you will surely be of those evicted.' He said: 'Indeed, I am, toward your deed, of those who detest [it]. My Lord! Save me and my family from [the consequence of] what they do.' So We saved him and his family, all. Except an old woman [i.e., the wife of Luut] among those who remained behind." [Quran: 26:160-171]

The sinful actions of Prophet Luut's people saddened his heart. Their odious reputation spread throughout the land, while he persisted to fight against them. As the years passed, he persisted in his mission, but to no avail. No one answered to his call and believed except for the members of his family; even in his household, not all the members believed: Luut's wife was a disbeliever.

If home is the place of comfort and rest, then Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, found none, for he was tormented both within and outside his home. His life was continuous agony as he suffered greatly, but he remained patient and steadfast as a Messenger to his people. Instead of heeding to him, they belittled his message, and mockingly challenged him, saying (what means): "…'Bring us the punishment of Allah, if you should be of the truthful!" [Quran: 29:29]

Overwhelmed with desperation , Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, prayed to Allah to give him triumph and to devastat the corrupt. Allah Almighty, therefore, sent three angels in the guise of young handsome men in answer to his prayer. They arrived the walls of the town in the afternoon. The first person who caught sight of them was Luut's daughter while she was filling her jug with water from the river. When she saw them, she was amazed that there could be men of such magnificent beauty on earth.

One of the three men (angels) asked her: "O maiden! Is there a place to rest?"

Remembering the evil character of her people, she replied: "Stay here and do not enter the town until I inform my father and return." Leaving her jug by the river, she swiftly ran home.

"O father!" she cried. "You are wanted by young men at the town gate and I have never before seen the like of their faces!"

Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, felt distressed as he speedily ran to his guests.

They visited him at home as guests. After ushering them in hospitably, he asked them where they came from and where they were going.

They did not answered to his questions. Instead they asked if he could host them. He started talking with them and impressed upon them the odious nature of his people. Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, was filled with disorder ; he wanted to convince his guests without offending them, not to spend the night there, yet at the same time he wanted to extend to them the expected hospitality normally accorded to guests. In vain, he tried to make them comprehend the perilous situation. At last, therefore, he asked them to wait until nightfall, for then no one would see them.

When darkness wrapped the town, Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, accompanied his guests to his home. No one was aware of their existance . However, as soon as Luut's wife saw them, she slipped out of the house quietly so that no one noticed her. Quickly, she ran to her people with the news and spread it to all the inhabitants like wildfire. The people rushed towards Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, speedily and excitedly.

When Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, saw the mob approaching his house, he closed the door, but they kept on banging on it. He pleaded with them to leave the visitors alone and fear Allah's penalty . He urged them to seek sexual fulfillment with their wives, for that is what Allah had made legal .

Luut's people waited until he had terminated his short sermon, and then they roared with laughter. Blinded by lust, they broke down the door. Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, became very furious , but he stood helpless before these severe people. He felt helpless to prohibit the abuse of his guests, but he firmly persisted to plead with the mob.

At that terrible moment, he wished he had the power to push them away from his guests. Seeing him in a state of helplessness and sorrow , the guests said to him: "Do not be anxious or frightened, for we are angels, and these people will not impair you."

On hearing this, the mob was frightened and ran from Luut's house, hurling menaces at him as they departed . The angels alerted Prophet Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, to depart his house before sunrise, taking with him all his family, except his wife.

Allah had decreed that the city of Sodom should damn . An earthquake rocked the town. It was as if a mighty power had lifted the complete city and flung it down in one jolt. A storm of stones then rained on the city. Everyone and everything was devastated , containing Luut's wife.

The Holy Quran recorded this event; it states (what means): "So We saved him and his family, all. Except an old woman [his wife] among those who remained behind. Then We destroyed the others. And We rained upon them a rain [of stones], and evil was the rain of those who were warned. Indeed in that is a sign, but most of them were not to be believers. And indeed, your Lord – He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful." [Quran: 26:170-175]

Thus, the people of Luut, may Allah exalt his mention, were devastated  and their towns and names have been erased from the face of the earth.

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